Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fireworks pants and polka dots top for my little girl

Because of the rainbow striped fabric I used on Eva's last top I remembered this colorful fireworks stretch cotton satin  I think I bought for myself thinking of some pants and later realizing the print is way to much... I think is still a bit to much for Eva as well... but I had the pants patern - Ottobre 1/2016 #16 - right on my desk and they are really easy to make and the fabric is really good quality and I needed some instant gratification project so I just cut and sew it last night super fast.
And because I was done so fast and I had another pattern on hand I decided to make another top to go with the pants. I wanted something less striking and I was really pleased of how the blue polka dots fabric coordinated with the blue fireworks. So make a Ottobre  6/2010 #15 skipping the neck binding:
So here it is
I wanted for this 2 to work with the other items to put together a wardrobe entry for Eva.That match is not that great but might have to make it work since there will be little time available will all the sewing plans I have for my sister in law wedding.
It is always hard to stay away from fabrics but I still haven't bought anything new though I am really itching to go look for a few ideas I have ... There still are a few unpublished projects that will be revealed this weekend on ElizabethMadeThis blog that will tip the numbers in my favor but with the blogged items the score right now is Sewing 27 - Shopping 30. 

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