Thursday, July 6, 2017

Straight V neck dress - McCall's 7538

McCall's 7538
I was so happy with cousin dress and my tee from McCall's 7538 that I really felt like doing more...  so many more.
I was tiding my sewing room and rearranged some fabrics to make room for the new ones we bought when I come across this fabric.   I kind of hated it from the moment I received it. It is see through, unraveling and deforming, and I even think they sent me a different color then the one I ordered... But I just instantly felt that the form and proportions of this stripes would work so well with my beloved pattern that I start cutting it right away, before I get any chance to think it through. I started this as a top but at the end when I had only sleeves and lower part to place I realized I can make it as a shorter straight dress. I haven't worn dressed yet this summer so I thought maybe 1-2 should find their way in... and I was still very unsure how this fabric would perform so I didn't thought it would be a big risk and loss if I try this as a dress...
    I used white rib to stabilized all hems and white interlock to double some of the skirt panel:
I am still very unsure about this fabric and I fear I can end up with a big hole in one seam at any time. Also It deforms itself quite nasty... but I was right about the print fitting well inside this pattern. And my husband seemed to like it very much - not sure if it was this particular dress or he just missed seeing me in a dress at all...
McCall's 7538
McCall's 7538
I did not want to see this fabric ever again and I simply cannot get myself to throw away scraps that are big enough to make something out of them so I made a simple top for Eva to wear around the house:


  1. I think you handled this fabric well. The design takes full advantage of the stripes, and the added rib was a smart move. I know just the type of knit, and I haven't had much success with it. There's just so little recovery! It'd be interesting to see how RTW designers handle a similar fabric.

  2. Fabulous dress! I have to try this pattern! :)

    1. It's a really nice pattern! I am sure you would make something amazing out of it! Looking forward to see your version!