Monday, July 31, 2017

Second Vogue 9683 in printed batiste

I really liked the fit and feel of my last OOP Vogue and I could not wander how it would be in a more busy print that would hide the design lines and a pull over version more like the one Alpine Queen made on PR.
 The design and pattern is quite simple and this time with the experience, the skip of back closing and piping I was able do do it in almost no time ( at least compared with the 1st one).
Having had that bad experience with the neck line deforming I added a small band of interface to it this time before doing anything else:
The only mistake I made was attaching the front facing before doing the bathers and have it gather with the rest. It was a mistake. I should have stick with the instructions. The fabric was batiste so is very light and i guess it didn't added that much bulk but I still feel it hangs a bit off because of it.
While it feels quite nice with it on I think the gathers don't drape that well. I am not sure if it is the fabric to light or my mistake the problem but I don't think I am imagining it.


  1. Beautiful top! It's just so amazing on you! Looks comfy to wear.

    1. Thank you Eli! The cotton batiste is nice nice to wear and the design is cute!

  2. I love this design. It seems like it would be great in a woven fabric with a bit of stretch.