Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Silky flowers top - McCall's 7542

There was on item left for me to take photos of from my sewing weekend with my cousin. My new version of McCall's 7542, this summer hit:
It is again view D with the only change to the pattern being the sleeve flounce lining in royal blue batiste.
     The fabric is quite interesting. I bought 2 meters and it had 2 flowers borders then 1 row of light blue on each side and again flowers in the middle. I bought it that weekend at a depot just outside town and the price i payed suggested it is rayon. But it sure looks and feels like silk so I wander if the young boy at that stand who didn't seemed the regular seller there didn't made a mistake and confused the bolt. There were no labels or tags there so you just had to deal with opinions and touching the fabrics..
   I made a mess of the fabric trying different pattern placements but I still think I have enough of it to make a dress for Eva.
And now some 2 other skipped projects...
A jumpsuit for Eva with 3/4 legs in bird print single jersey with pink ribbing. I wanted her to have a really comfortable version but it lost its sharp look in this fabric:
 And a complete failure - Lekala 5619 muslin:
I was hopping this will be the bodice for an evening dress but the fit was disastrous - way to large everywhere - especially my bust and no matter how much I tried I could not fit the sleeves to match the hole so I left it sleeveless in the end thinking maybe it would have some use around the house but I don't think so..
Some desperate attempt to force the sleeve fit but it was hanging horrible. From their photo I understand that the extra length get sewn as sleeve seam but it sure not look like their sleeve on me:
 Since last I counted 7 items finished - 3 here - the dress and tee from mccalls 7538 for me  and 2 left over tops for Eva and 1 new fabric bought - I almost resisted that one but is a lovely flower print that I think would make a great summer dress and I hope to be the next I cut so debt down to 146 to sew this year -  ha ha...


  1. Well, if the Lekala top was a fail, the McCalls' one is a triumph. The pattern placement is so well balanced. I hope you can get a top for Eva from the scraps!

  2. What a gorgeous top with so nice sleeves!

  3. That flower border print is really cool You have a great eye for fabric selection