Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ahoy - new boy PJs - Burda 12/2010 #135


This Friday Andrei had a pajama party at kindergarten and he had to choose his favorite PJs. His choice was the airplane one that I sewed him for Christmas a while ago - blog link here. It was a little to short for him but fortunately it was large enough so I added some extra length to both sleeves and legs and it was as good as new. He was happy to have it ready in time for the party.
 And since he made me happy with his choice for the party I decided it is time to sew him a new one. So one again I pulled the Burda pattern and got it just a bit bier this time.Pattern can also be donloaded from Burda Style Magazine 12/2010 - design 135 - size 104.

I have been looking for the perfect fabric for it for a while and I think I got it with this lovely pirate print. He love it. LOVED IT!  And I had enough fabric left to make him a pillow case as well.
 All I did different was to replace button with Velcro so he can close it himself.

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