Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blue monarch baby girl jumper

   For the latest challenge on Lucru de mana I had to use recycled fabric for a project. One of ideas I always been drawn to was reusing old jeans and I been wanting to try something like that for a long time so I had to really push myself for this. I had literally no time to sew so I sacrificed 2 half nights of sleep to sew. I had to sew. It has been a long break for me with kids always sick and a job. And I really loved the contest theme.
   As a starting point I sewed the red polka dots jumper as a pattern testing and I gathered a big pile of jeans so have shades to choose from.

I was just thinking how to cut the pattern and how to place the ruffles and reuse tome design elements and just I couldn't  decide so I started browsing over old pins for inspiration when I remembered  arianamaniacs's version of blue monarch dress and I just thought that the denim shades will go nice as wings and so I was set on a course:
My jumper is far from being as magnificent as the 2 inspiration ones but I think it turned out a fun outfit for my baby girl.
 Seeing it like this I keep thinking it would have made a fine toy as well. Maybe I will turn it into one at some point.
  I used on old maternity tee for the underwear part:
This was the easy part. The next come the front panel of the romper that I envisioned as the butterfly body :
And the last come the fun part - the wings:
I had 8 wings in the end and maybe it was a bit to much.
It turned out quite big and bulky so I don't think it will really be practical but at least it was fun and I got some cute pictures to save:

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