Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas tree + snowflakes bag & some new make-up bags ( tutorial included )

 simple bag tutorial
December is such a magic time around here and I could not let it pass without a new bag to drag around town during holidays and since I was at it I did a few extra makeup bags as well.
They are so simple to do and such a nice gift as well. I handed out a lot of this to my friends and family so far and they all seams to love them and use it.

All you need is 2 rectangles of fabric and 2 of facings, 1 zipper and some scraps:

Sew the craps at the zipper ends ( fabric on the front lining on the back ):
 Sew one rectangle of fabric & one of lining to the zipper :
And then the other ones :

And now is time to close :
 It is important to get the extra folding from the zipper craps in the lining not the fabric:
 Trim the corners :

 Don't forgert to leave a small opening in the lining and turn it:
Close that as well after turning :
 And you are done:
Here are some more of those I made in the past:
And my old holidays bag:

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