Monday, January 8, 2018

Katherine Tilton stipes top with Butterick 6492

I have so many patterns for tops and dresses I really want to try so it seems the beginning of the year is a good time to cut into new patterns. This time is  Butterick 6492:
I was planning a Christmas version for this but I haven't got around to do it and used the fabric for kids outfits so after a lot of wondering I picked up a textured stripes fabric for this:
I skipped the seams in the back and the one between upper and lower front so I will not have to match stripes on those seams...
I could not match the stripes on the side since the angles were to different and for sleeve caps I could only match the lower stripes ... The lower front hem was more shaped but I kept it straight to go along stripes line. I did the sleeves normal length - not cropped as the pattern suggests.

I love facings ... a bit unusual for a knit top mat looks nice and clean:
The pockets are awesome. I am forever in love with them... I might do a new version just because of them...
Almost went fabric shopping on Saturday... but in the end stayed at home so 2018 : sewing 7 - shopping 0.


  1. This is a very successful blend of fabric and pattern. I think you were right to eliminate the seams you did. Nice. The first photo looks so cool. I also like your necklace. I noticed it in the last post too.

    1. Thank you! It turned out better then I expected! The necklace is my favorite - I wear it with everything! I seriously consider trying to make a similar one myself in other color!