Friday, January 5, 2018

First round of matching outfits for 2018 - B6486 & Ottobre kids

 So 2018 is here and it seems I got back some of my mojo. I am not into hardcore sewing yet but I least I start moving... and I will have to get more complicated projects soon as my sister in law wedding is getting closer and closer and I have big plans for it. Last weekend of 2017 I went shopping for wedding dresses fabrics and I got back home with plenty of jersey and kids fabrics... Feeling a little guilty but the prints were fun, the quality good and prices low... what more can I wish for? So to get rid of some of the guild I sewed the 1st fabric into 4 pieces: tops for me and my son and tunic+leggings for my daughter.
  I also cut out a new pattern for myself  - Butterick 6486 - that had 4 tops with peplum like bottom - though more gathers then peplum... and bell sleeves:
I made view B - size XS and is still rather huge but I like it and I feel good in it.
The sleeve was very long ( as long as the top )  So I had to cut it down a bit.
The inside of the sleeve shows so it might have been nice to double and line it like it did with other big sleeves this summer.
I made a raglan top for Andrei and a tunic with circle skirt for Eva and 3 pair of leggings 1 in the same fabric and 2 in sparkle french terry:
We went to eat out last evening and felt really great in our new outfits:
We had a lot of fun last night eating into out:
Last year I set myself the gold to only buy a new fabric for every 2 items I sew and I failed ended up with 200 sewn items debt or 100 fabrics I should have not bought so this year I will not set a goal but I will try to count the what I sew vs what I but and see where I end up... So here we start 6 new items and no shopping yet this year!


  1. Really impressive! Lovely kids with such a great outfit! You look terrific my dear! ♥

    1. Thank you so much Ellen! It was a successful project! The fabric is orange and navy so I was thinking of you when I bought this fabric! It seems it was an inspired choice!

  2. Pasiunea pentru cusut in fiecare impunsatura de ac! Sanatate maxima tie si celor dragi tie!