Monday, March 27, 2017

Playing with Leather

   I love the kids in their new patching leather jackets and I had a piece of black fake leather i wanted to sew for fun for a while now. So I made a new pair of paperback writer pants for Andrei and a simple circle skirt with elastic waistband and lace hem for Eva. I knew it is not a good fabric for kids and there will be no useful garments but I thought it would be fun to sew. It wasn't really. It was painful even with the special Teflon foot for leather the feeding was awful..
   Since it was just for fun project I allowed myself to play with contrast to stitching on my cover machine. Not the most inspired work but I think I like the pockets look. The front knees was suppose to look a bit like quilted. It starts above the knee but it probably goes to much down. AT least my son had fun at some point trying to count the stitching and lines on his pants. It was fun to see him making up this game for himself.
   The fabric is a bit more glossy then their jackets and I don't think it really goes together. I Think Eva's look is more interesting with the pink coat and boots ...
2 more items so the debt is down to 38 but I still want more knits so I just placed a new order in Germany so the debt will get even bigger. I really need to sew more. I have a few more easy knits planed for kids and us - I bout the new Jalie tee for men and I think we finally have a fit that I like so my husband will probably get coordinated tees as well this summer and he need a lot of fabric - Haha!!


  1. Wow! How lovely, Georgia! These are very cute. I really love the picture too.

  2. Wow! Very cool jackets!! You are amazing!

    1. Thank you! i wish I could take credit for the jackets but those are RTW! I only done the pants and the skirt!