Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pockets, pockets, pockets - Princess castle dress Ottobre 4/2013 #14

   I noticed a while ago that Eva discovered pockets. At first I seen her trying to fit a toy into a RTW coat pockets then I noticed she knows how to use the pockets on her brother old pants. But it was when she was wearing the purple wool coat I made for her last fall and was trying to find a pocket that was not there at all that I realized I need to add pockets to her garments.
   And I remembered a dress tunic design from one of my Ottobre magazine that I always thought it was cool and wanted to try it : Princess castle dress/tunic from 4/2013 #14:
Eva is finally ready for the smallest size - 92. It fits her beautifully.
The 1st version I made was pretty much as the pattern except the sleeve binding and slightly different color blocks.
It was a decent fit and cute but I felt it was a bit to boxy and not the most flattering for her. I don't really like the back cover stitch on the pockets - it seams a bit to much. The stripe fabric doesn't seam to shine in this dress even if the colors coordinate so well with the print...
Later I made her green leggings as well and I think they go together better.
For the next one I skipped the waist band and I added more flare to the skirt. I somehow like this one better. I think the extra flare is more flattering and I don't miss the contrast waistband.
I used the other side of the cover machine to close pockets and I think it looks better like this. Now the pockets contrast can be seen even if the has her hands inside - constant being on the binding not the pocket bag :).
I made her leggings from the same fabric but I think with both of them it starts looking like PJs and I made a simple raglan sleeved blouse for her brother as well. They both love to coordinate with each other and I love it even more to have them match:
For the next one I wanted to use a fabric left over from one of my tees last summer. It was really hard to fit the pattern inside but I am happy I could match the stripes on the sides and for that I had to give up on all flare and have short sleeves:
I like how this fabric looks on her the most. Maybe because it is a bit less childish... I still skipped the waistband but this time I added length to the upper pieces to compensate for it. The back ribbing come out very nice.
On the other hand I totally lost control with fabric purchased. While I was make it even on the Lekala Tops I them got like 8 new fabrics from local stores, 5 from an online site and then just hit send on a 14 lot yesterday on another online site ... it seams everyone finally decided to bring in fabrics I had such a hard time to find in the past... 27 new fabrics and sewed one swimsuit, 3 tunics, 1 top and 2 leggings so I am like 47 items behind to make it up ... Ha ha... The good part is the most of this new fabrics are knits so it will be fast to sew - I could probably make our tee this summer once I get the new Jalie men pattern and hope it will work well for my husband. And there are as well a few short pieces that I bought to make something a little bit usual for Eva that should go fast as well.


  1. Dragut modelul ales, iar cu buzunarele trebuie sa te obisnuiesti sa le pui si la lenjerie, asa de mult le trebuie copiilor. Esti o mamica cool.

    1. Mda asa e... Amandoi sunt innebuniti dupa buzunare :) Si nu numai. Si mie tare imi mai place sa am buzunare. Nu stiu de ce nu imi fac si eu mai multe cu buzunare...