Monday, April 3, 2017

Completing the sudoku wardrobe for my son

It has become a sort of tradition by now to have 2 entries in the PR wardrobe contest.1st year it was 2 for myself then the last 2 years it has been one for me and one for Eva. That made me feel a little bad about leaving Andrei out. I sew for him as well just not as much and there are things I prefer to buy. But he wants to be included and he constantly asks what I have made for him. He likes wearing what I make and I cannot think of anything more rewarding then that. so this year he got my spot in the contest. I didn't try to get an entry for me but focused on the last few items he needed to complete the wardrobe. They are mostly the same pattern since time was short.
   There are 3 more t-shirts 2 from the b-positive pattern with the split sleeve - Ottobre 03-2015-17:
And one regular raglan tee - Ottobre 01/2016#11 - Bla Bla Raglan T-Shirt:
He noticed that Eva's late tops had pockets and was sad his didn't had one even if i tried to explain different designs to him he was still disappointed his blouse didn't had pockets. He doesn't use chest pockets so I wanted to come up with a different solution he would actually like and use and I did 2 small welt pockets close to the tee bottom. He loved them. Yey!!
Then I needed 2 more bottoms. I used the paperback pattern again and this time in 2 more stretchier fabrics so I could do just a mock fly and elastic in the waistband - Ottobre 06/2010 #31 Paperback writer pants:
The 1st pair is some black jacquard with a slight 3D effect and plenty of stretch. I had other items made from fabrics from that family and they were lovely to wear and very comfortable so I really hope he will enjoy wearing them because they are my favorite of the whole collection. Black is had to photograph and I had little opportunities but it looks so good on him.

 The second pair is some stretch thin grey denim.
To complete the wardrobe I needed 2 more accessories so I decided to do 2 hats in the same fabric as 2 of the pants. I loved the look I made last summer coordinating hat with pants so I tried it again with the same pattern:

The black fabric was far from stiff so I interfaced the hell out of it both the exterior and the interior. For the black one I used the same fabric on both inside and out and with all the interfacing and more layer of thicker fabric it turned out a bit to tight on my son so there it is a good chance it will be Eva's. Even if it is a boy hat I think it looks cute on her as well.
   One the gray one I use a thinner cotton for lining and O only double interfaced the brim. It looks better and I got the fitting better as well.
   For construction I didn't use Ottobre instructions. They talked so much about allowances and interfaced that I got bored really fast . I just constructed the interior and exterior separately leaving and opening on the interior one and then joined them at the outer brim. Clipped and clipped and then clip some more. Ironing also helps a lot. Turn and top stitch the brim to stabilize it in place. 
   One very important note is to mark each piece and marking quite carefully. It's very easy to confuse them and lose shape because of it. I think the black one it just a little bit off but the for the gray one everything clicked perfectly since I was paying more attention to marks and ofc ... practice always helps.
There is the 16 Sudoku grid with 6 RTW for shoes 3rd hat and the leather jacket.
3 t-shirts 2 pants and 2 hats should have gotten my debt down to 31 but I just received 13 new fabrics so I am at 57 debt with this ones.


  1. You really impresses me! Great sewing skills! ♥

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy I could complete this challenge!