Thursday, September 1, 2016

Little man in orange - Ottobre 4/2013 #24 ; 3/2010 #38 & 3/2010 #11

 It didn't felt right to only submit one outfit in the contest... I have two children after all. So after wakening up really early for 2 mornings and staying up really really late two nights I managed to sew a 2nd outfit for Andrei :
1st :
Rainbow Remix Grid Bermuda shirt Ottobre 3/2010 #11 - same pattern as 2 other really successful and well loved by us - here. It is the most successful item from this outfit and it is a bit larger and longer so it will fit him quite well next summer. You should really try this for your boy.
2nd: orange linen pants with lots of pockets - boys love pockets - new pattern for me ottobre 4/2013 #24 .There were new elements for me and a bit of a challenge. I need more practice on this. Calling it a more elaborate muslin may be more fitted.
3rd: A funny orange hat to complete the look . I finished it in the middle of the night so we could not have it at the park earlier. I can't wait for the morning so he can try it on.

I interfaced all the exterior. I didn't trust the fabric and it felt more safe like this: 

Update: a blurry photo with the hat will replace it when I get better ones:

It feels really good to have them done.
And for the 1st Saturday of fall we had a walk in the park quite early in the morning. I wasn't really planning on it but now I had a few pictures of his outfit in the light of the day ( he is still moving in all of them and his pockets are already stuffed with friends.. )
 Eva was wearing he red outfit as well.

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