Friday, September 2, 2016

Catching up on summer sewing - a little bit of everything

This summer went by so fast this year. The kids kept us busy most of the time. It was less sewing then other summers for me. But there are still a few items that I didn't got the time to pin down. 1st is this dress for Eva that I made out of remnants from a very similar dress I made as a gift and had it finished it so late past the deadline that I was sewing buttons on my way to the party in the car... so no photos of that one. Ottobre 3/2013 #16 same as the roses dress (here):
I did a very simple beach dress for my as well lengthening McCall's 6796:
It is a really beautiful fabric from Girls Charlee UK and another tee for their fabric. and Again I skipped the neck details since the print of the fabric is distinctive enough:
It is beautifully printed fabric. My only complaint is that a bit to lightweight but that can be a good thing sometimes. And I think the prints deserve a picture all by themselves. And here are the store links if you want to take a look: Blue Green Mayan Ethnic Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric and Teal Green Coral Ethnic Diamonds Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric:

I feel that this is the most boring pattern I have sewed and wore. I made quite a few of them if I look a while back and it seems like I haven't reviewed any top I wore from it. I should be a telling sign. I should stop doing it and make something more interesting instead. So here are a few more tops from back in the spring and even winter I think:
   One of the last thing I sewed and skipped reviewing was a hat for my husband. He has a 64 cm head measurement and it is almost impossible to find a hat for him. all the ones we find in stores fit him the same way children ones fit me. I keep promising I will make him one for 2 years and it finally happens. I started using a Lekala 5580 pattern since I didn't want to figure it all by myself:
I started by changing it to have a equally large brim. Interfaced all exterior and sewed. It seems that it scaled horribly because in the end it looked a bit like a witch hat. It was way way to tall. So I marked the point where it started to go off and cut it all around. Measured the length and drafted myself a circle with that  circumference sewed again and was really pleased with the result. I love his new hat. He feels it is just a little bit to large so if I sew it again I will try to take it in just a little bit.
 And Eva of course had to try every single hat she finds. I cannot believe that she can put them all on all by herself for months now.

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