Friday, July 31, 2015

Take 1 - Gaucho Pants 05/2014 #120 in Floral Print

Gaucho Pants 05/2014 #121
I wanted some very simple summer pants that would be easy to make and easy to fit ( actually loose) to do in printed light fabrics. After going through my Burda Magazines stash I traced this  gaucho pants from the may issue from last year design #120.
I traced 42 based on the waistband measurements and they were huge. Very wide front compared to the back ( about 50%). The front pleat looked terrible and I could have pulled them on. So I did a face fly . Did gatherings instead of pleat and added elastic to the waistband.
They may not be that great but they are extremely comfortable, I can breath in them and they are very pleasent if there is a little bit of wind. And I don't need to worry about my moves in them.