Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Playing with Vogue 8856 to burn some stash

vogue 8856
One if the goals for this summer was to try new patterns. So one day I gathered my courage and traced vogue 8856 both size 14 ( for me ) and 22 for my mother-in-law. And the next two days I sewed 2 of this.

It is an unusual pattern so I didn't expected much from the 1st try. I just used some knit blend I wanted to get rid of. I thought is bad fabric but it seems is quite nice on the skin so I may still wear this top around the house:
As you can see is all wrong. I cut some pieces on the wrong side and then I had to change some others. The gatherings and hems are terrible as well. But once I seen it is not going to fit right I just wanted to be over with it. It is a short dress for me.I also added sleeves even if I knew it will not work with this neck line but I just had to try it and see for myself how the are pulling down. I thought this fabric is bad quality but it feels quite good on the skin so I may still wear it around the house.  The back looks like I have some sort of tail and the front is also to heavy and the gathering to low.... It is pretty much a failure but now I have a starting point if I want to venture and really make something from this pattern for me.

But since it is one of the very few patterns I have in a bigger size and I already played with it I sewed one for my mother in law. She is a tall woman so I thought this might work for her. It was to long and to large for her as well but after a few adjustment I think I got a decent version. at least in this knit it doesn't pop as much as mine:
For her version I reduced the back insert by a little bit and I think is better like this;
I will probably try to do a decent version for myself one day but who knows. I like this unusual tops a lot on paper but it seams that not so much on myself.

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