Monday, June 8, 2015

My 1st shirt for my little man - Ottobre 03-2010-11

Ottobre 03-2010-11
I love shirts on boys , specially on my boy and I have tons of fabrics that will make great shirts but I always postpone it. I was probably scared. A shirt always seemed such a complicated garment. But it is not. I cannot believe how fast i was able to put this together and how great it looks.
  Did I told you I love Ottobre designs for kids more and more each day. I was so scared so shirts I even read instructions this time and followed them.

 Looks quite well done to me. Way better tat I expected from the 1st try:
And it was all worth it. My little boy looks great in the shirt and he sure enjoys playing in it.


  1. E bine ca ai inceput de pe acum cu camasile, vei avea antrenament pentru mai tarziu.
    Acum se cer camasile slim.

    1. Si eu ma bucur ca am incercat. A fost usurel tiparul asta si explicat destul de Ok in revista. Acum am prins curaj.