Sunday, June 21, 2015

Andrei's wardrobe for the summer - Ottobre patterns

I am so happy I was able to follow up on my decision to try do another wardrobe attempt after the success I had with my maternity one and the new baby. This one was for my son who will be 3 at the end of this summer. There are 4 patterns as play - 2 tops and 2 bottoms, all Ottobre patterns:

Jersey pants  - 3/2010 #10 - that I already reviewed here:
Raglan tee - 3/2010 #12 #14 #18:
Basic shirt - 3/2010 #11 - the "muslin" here:

Boyish bermudas - Ottobre 3/2013 #25:

  The jersey pants and tees are no news to me by now and it went together easy but the shirt and the more constructed boy pants are and I really love this last two. Were not as scary to make as I first thought and They look really well on the kid.
  I also wanted to get the tee-pants-shirt combo into the contest from LucruDeMana so I really wanted to have a try at each of this patterns before cutting into the "good" fabric. I already showed you the shirt :
   The tee was really basic at 1st try a very lightweight knit with perfect stripes for a cool boys look:
   As always the Ottobre fit was spot on and I could move one to the next ones fast. He was very proud to wear it right away and take it with him to the swimming lesson. It is really funny to see him checking himself up in the mirror.
   The last one to try was the one that scared me the most : the pants. I never done so many pockets, or yoke or mock fly for pants before so there were a lot of firsts to test here. I used some old pair of jeans for this project. The result was not that bad. I really liked them. The only problem was that they were a bit to long but I got that covered for the next ones.
 Now that I got the patterns tested I was ready for the contest and the good stuff: a light stretch blue denim - just perfect for the summer pants I wanted, organic cotton with camels for the tee and quilting cotton for the shirt :
I wanted to up the level a little bit this time  so I went for quilted knee and yoke ( I just love biker jeans - so I wanted to go a little for that look ):
Another thing that I did for the 1st time was to use elastic band that can be adjusted with 2 buttons. I just discovered this trick recently trying to reverse engineer the attachment of the waistband in a RTW. I am happy I ended up with a clean finishing on the inside as well:
   The result was lovely and it took me a little by surprise since I sewed in a big hurry being on a tight deadline for the contest. I think is one of the 1st real appreciations received from my husband who is the only one that I think is truly honest with me about my results. 
   I am so happy to say that the outfit took the 1st prize and honored to stand next to other neat outfits that entered the contest.
   To close up I had planned another 3 piece combo but in the end I decided to drop the shirt thinking he has enough for now but who knows what the sewing winds will bring this days.
  Even is it is not as bright as the previous one this last outfit is my favorite:
The penguins tee make a great combo with jeans as well but we have a lot more combos that we didn't try yet:

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