Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2nd Jalie pull-on jeans and 2 burda tops

   I was very pleased with my first Jalie Eleonore pull-on jeans and I knew right then that will be more. This is the 2nd pair from a nice stretch denim - the same I sewed for my son's outfit  a little while ago. I absolutly love them. The color and length are perfect for the summer. I even got the wiskers a bit under control by adding about 1 inch length to the crotch. I love this Jalie pattern and I really need to try more.
   The top is from an older Burda issue 6/2011 design #101:

For the pants I used this video o alter the crotch:- I added around 1.5 cm to both front and back and it seams to be an improvement.

This pair may not be perfect either but I feel it is an improvement. It was very easy to sew and the most important is very comfortable.

Jalie 3461
I used again embroidery on the back pockets. This time Some redwork designs sewing related:
And I already wore them a few times. And I wanted a top to go with it. I have just done Burda 06/2011 #101 on navy rayon. I really loved the fabric and the design but it was to tight.

So I decided to sew another 2 sizes up in printed veil. It was very hard for me to work with this fabric and it ended up quite awkard at the hem so I sewed elastic in the waistband. The neck line was also pulling a little funny so I assed some dart to the middle ans sewed some flower over it to hide it. But even with all its issues the top looks good on me and with the pants so I loved wearing it with a fast tube knit top under it.

It was really nice how all 3 of us ended up here with matching outfits all sewed by me:


  1. These are the cutest pictures! Love how you all coordinate. You did a really good job on your jeans.