Friday, May 29, 2015

Eva is enjoying her wardrobe

   Eva arrived on 11 May and we are home for more then 2 weeks now. We are getting to know each other and she is a very easy child so far. We got a little scared the 1st night home when she decided to cry all night but we hardly hear her ever since. I guess she only wanted to show us what she can do if we don't behave. I am also very happy that the wardrobe I sewed for her is in her everyday use and I wanted to share with you all some of this joy.
The wrap bodysuit and footed pants are a really good combo to use  and fit her perfectly. We will outgrow them soon but we make the most out of it until then.
We tried a little bit on the dresses as well but the weather is not that hot yet.
We start getting some sunny days as well:
So many more combinations to go:

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Baby accessories

Baby accessories
This  should be my last day before the baby girl comes. Starting yesterday I worked on some accessories to completed the wardrobe I worked on. All the patterns are self drafted after some RTW from the boy. Enjoy the little things:

The green gingham print is probably the one working with most of my items done so far:
The chevron and green contrast are probably my favorites:
 The owls and the flower print has their own pants + bodysuit to work with :
The last 3 pairs of booties are quilting cotton and they were started a while back. I just managed to finish them now with the rest:

Friday, May 8, 2015

Colorful little dresses - Burda 07-2012-145 & 146

Burda 07-2012-145
The only pattern that I traced last week and was not Ottobre is this Burda dress and is quickly becoming very dear to me. There are actually 2 dresses that share main pieces but have different collars and sleeves options.
   The patterns are from issue 7/2012 but there are also available for download pleated dress here & sailor dress here.
   I did them all in different but shorter length with more or less volume.
   The 1st one ended a shirt ( no gather, collar from 145, sleeve from 146 ). I like it but I am really not happy with the print placing on the pattern pieces. It make it look off... I also added a little bit of facing at the neck line.
    The second one I did it sleeveless. I did doubled the upper part from the same gingham knit and this one is the longest and more full of them all. The collar is from 145 again.
   The 3rd one is also self lined in the upper part and used collar from the sailor dress and sleeves from the plated dress. As you can see with the body this is more like a shirt then a dress but I think they are easier to wear like this since will also use pants or bloomers for it. It not I will just have to add one more band at the bottom.
   The last one has 2 rows or ruffles, I reshaped the collar from the sailor dress, sleeves from 145 again. And lined the upper part with quilting cotton. For both this and the previous one the sleeves are doubled so it will finish nicely.
Here is my reshaped collar:
   Also I documented a little my lining steps. I sewed the collar and clipped it, turned over iron it. I joined the shoulder seam for both front fabric and lining and then attached the collar. I cut 4 sleeves and sewed 2 and 2, clipped it as well, turn to front and iron it:
 I attached sleeves just to front at first :
  Then made a big sandwich and sewed front and lining at the arm hole:
   Sew, clip. clip, clip, turn it over and iron:
   Now is ready to join side seams ( lining with lining and knit with knit )  and attach the lower part.

   All the dresses have knit in the upper part and quilting cotton in the lower part. Also I used plastic snaps for closing for all of them.

Baby wraparound bodysuits - Ottobre 06-2007-5

 Ottobre 06-2007-5
Even a month ago I would not have even think to try make a bodysuit for the baby. It seems like there is a lot of work for it and too difficult for me. But in weekend I got some plastic snaps from my sister in law and her installation tools and I was amazed about how well and easy they can be attached. I was hooked. For now I only have 2 colors but I ordered more. It will take a while to get them but I had to try and do this pattern now because I know this is what the baby will really wear.
I traced 56 and now looking at the pattern photo I realized I put the snaps wrong but I am OK with them like this. I also don't have the skills to do that beautiful RTW look of the rib binding but my self bias gave it a clean closing and firm edge.
I did 5 of this ( the owls print twice ) :
 played a little trying to match strips on the chevron fabric :
 the gingham will be so good with all the other items I sewed lately :
 And I still have way to much of the flower power print. I am a little bored with it but is really good quality fabric and it will be good for the baby to be in it:
And each of them has a matching footed baby pants: