Monday, January 29, 2018

Big stripes Butterick 6492 - 3rd iteration

Butterick 6492
The Butterick 6492 seemed interesting enough to try but I didn't expected to love it so much:
 I think the front design lines are brilliant and love them and This time I tried to replicate them in the back as well. First I joined front and back pieces pieces and eliminated some seams:
Then I overlapped the front over the back and kept the upper part and used the front below the underarm line.
And then I designed some side panel from the remaining back part and made it symmetrical to the side line and constructed both front and back the same way.
    I really loved the stripes version and I wanted to play again with bigger stripes. To add a bit more interest I removed some fabric on the sides of both front and back and replaced it with a big stripe on a different direction.

Butterick 6492
Butterick 6492

I love the new top. It twirls nicely and is has a really cute flow but I think I used a bit to much fabric on the sides. I want to make this again and change the side panel.
Another problem with this top is that the fabric was less stable then the previous 2 so the top gained some extra with and length. That can be a real problem so I recomand stable fabrics for this top. To address the growing issue and more chances of wrong side showing I did larger hem but for under my pockets so I could not just simple covert stitch it around... I am considering doing facings on another version and maybe twitch the pocket construction a bit so I can secure that unde the pocket applique.
The cold weather seems to be good at keeping me to go on fabric shopping... So no new fabrics lately. Sewing 13 - Shopping 6.
Butterick 6492


  1. Gorgeous top and love the design change made with the pattern. Fabric looks great in this newest version of this pattern.

    1. Thank you! It was really fun to play with the big stripes and design lines!

  2. This is so cool! I love what you did with those stripes. Also, why do so many sewing patterns have nothin backs? It's disappointing to like the picture and find the line drawings is like half a garment.