Friday, August 31, 2018

Easy burda beach dress and a gathered skirt

There were many beach dresses in burda I wanted to try over the years but never go around to trace any of them... probably because the big pattern pieces and huge fabric requirements were scarry. This summer I finally bought 2 burda issues after a long break and seen this design made and looking spectacular on others so decided to give it a try:
It was nowhere near as glamorous on me. I made the smallest version but was still drowning in it.I didn't had enough fabric so I made it shorter out of necessity but because the dress was designed for tall people it didn't looked shorter on me. Maybe for the same reason I hate that the bat sleeves end on my hip rather then my waist as I think it should. I cut down a bit of the sleeves fullness and added a patch pocket. I had to really push myself to finish it as the 1st try out was a big let down.
When we returned from the seaside I had the inspired thought to ask my mother in law if the wants to try it and even if the is several numbers bigger then me the dress was fitting her and looking way better then on me. So in the end I was quite happy to have someone wanting it.
  I had so little time in energy lately for sewing but when my sister was visiting me one evening and said she wanted a simple gathered skirt I could not resist the temptation to get rid of one my stash fabrics:
I used zig zag over the elastic waistband to make sure skirt will stay even spread at all times. I used the waistband only large enough to pass the hip not the full hem size to reduce the bulk. That took a bit of extra time to first and sew the 2 pieces together. The skirt has 2 panels but I managed to make the side seams pretty invisible!
  I also got a picture of a simple Lekala 4177 white top i made my mother in law this spring:
I could not resist some fabric shopping lately so Sewing 126 - Shopping 112.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Summer blues - a great match StyleArc amber top and BurdaStyle raglan sleeve with tie

Like I said before sewing The StyleArc amber top is quite addictive and it require little fabric so it a great option for busting a few smaller 1 meter cuts.
So while I was flipping through my stash looking for fabrics I got my hands on this beautiful rayon I ordered from China on AliExpress this spring. It had a really nice feel to the touch and I really loved it. I think they still have it in stock here and it is free shipping if you don't mind waiting a lot for it to arrive. In Romania any import under 10$ or so is free of import taxes for I only ordered one meter.
   I was a bit disappointed when it arrived because the colors were a bit darker then the picture they posted - that white is more ivory and the blue is darker than this. I  also was under the impression the print will be larger than it was but still it is a lovely fabric with a great feel and a color scheme I just love. So seeing it I immediately thought this will make a perfect amber top but I wanted some interest and the blocking offered by the pattern was not what I was looking for. I felt this top needs some interest in the sleeve and that front and back needed to be left alone just to showcase the fabric.
   The design 119 from burda 07/2018 already got me intrigued but seeing the lovely top Ellen made convinced me I really need to try this sleeve so I traced the 3 pieces for sleeve from Burda:

The front of the sleeve fit in with the style of arc top without any issues ( size 8 on the top and 36 on the sleeve). As the back in Burda is a really low cut the back sleeve didn't fit in with the back top so I had to improvise and add a small triangle of fabric to the sleeve to match the back as well.
If I will make this again I will used the style arc sleeve for the upper part and just lengthen that with the burda piece instead of using the full burda sleeve like I did.

I really love this blouse and I think will be in heavy rotation:
Sewing 123 - Shopping 99.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Catching on - July sewing Burda, Butterick and StyleArc

I have been so busy sewing last few weeks that my sewing is way ahead my photographing and reviewing. I love to keep track of everything I make but this is a problem I love to have... so I will try to quickly catch up on some not so glamorous sewing I have done lately.
   So after a long time of burda break I finally went back to it and bought the last 2 issues. I wanted to try the  Capris 07/2018 #102. They looked so cute on the model:
The good news is that they are a really easy and quick sew. The bad part is that they don't have pockets and I didn't bother to add them. I really should have!!! And I don't think those ties are as cute and comfy on me. But the fabric I used is really pleasant to wear so I thought this might make a good backyard pair of pants so I was looking on making a top to go with it.  I think I am slowly becoming a big Style arc fan. I had the Amber blouse ordered and already did a simpler quick version and was very pleased with the fit so decided that my fabrics are perfect to make the full design.
  So here it it my new set. Not sure about the style and the lack of pockets but love the colors and the fabric feel. I still have some simple blue fabric so maybe I can make one more pair of pants to go with my top. I wanted of some point to use pippingtoo and was to lazy to make mine and foolishly believed a red one will look cute. But after seeing it in the back and the extra thickness it added I decided to drop it while it was not too late. Maybe I should go back and unpick that one too but I really don't feel like doing it. I would rather make a new amber. Quite a catchy design to make!
I think it is really important for this top to be done in a soft drapey fabric and the one used for applique to be lighter or at least just as light and fluid as the main fabric.  I was lucky for this set as my two fabrics were purchased together were technically the same:
The next set is a last week production. I really wondered how will the StyleArc luna stretch pants will hold with zero stretch fabric if I add some ease to it. So I added around 3 cm to each of the 4 big panels from waist to hip and then gradually lessened it to zero as I went to the knee so the lower leg is not wider than the original. The extra waist width I transformed it into 2 darts and in the back and 4 small pleats in the front. Once again the small pleats in the front got me rid of all whiskers and artifacts so my mommy tummy needs some adjustments to better fit in similar to the ones I did with my blue pair. Suck a happy accident and discover :). The top is my first version of the amber blouse in simple drapy fabric. I probably should have ironed it a bit more before taking pictures but the fabric wrinkles really easily and I will wear it in the backyard at the countryside where comfort is the only rule and I don't think anyone will be checking my ironing.

 The last 2 pieces are done way back in the beginning of july for the lady who helps me with the kids and the house from time to time. She has a big wedding in August and I keep promising her I will help with a dress. The pattern is Butterik i have been using for both my mom and my mother in law special occasion dress.
I had this really beautiful royal blue lace with 3D flowers from china so I only need to find a simpler and coordinated piece for the bodice. This were the 3 fabrics I selected for the project:
We picked the last one that was most simple and closer match.
And as a bonus for having the pattern figured out for her a nautical polka dots and stripes dress bonus:
I still have lots of items that need be reviewed even if I worn a few of them quite a few times!
Sewing 122 - Shopping 99.