Friday, December 7, 2018

Top and cardigan to match my new boots

I Think there is no secret that I love things that are a bit different. That makes you feel unique. So I was very happy when I got a new pair of boots last fall. Just love them:
Yellow is not exactly my color but I love the print and the bright colors and the pairing with teal green. I have a pair of dark green jeans that work great with them, I have a Butterick 6492 that also works great and my winter fluffy coat has green/yellow/cream, but still not many things in my wardrobe work with them. so I decided I need a few additions.
   I first did a Style Arc Madeleine top that I had 2 muslins and some alterations done at the end of the summer and never actually got to make it and thought it would be great pattern for a solid:
I added sleeves to the pattern and tweak it a bit to better fit me.
    And I also had a teal-green tweed that matched the boots so nicely and decided to make a quick mccalls 6844 cardigan to wear at work when I get cold:
I went with the same changes as in the navy scalloped version - minus the scallops.
Here is the result:
I also did a quick set for Eva using the ruffles dress pattern:
Sewing 158 - Shopping 141.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Feeling the Christmas getting closer with a new Buterick 6492

There is no secret by now how much I love this pattern. Is comfortable, is unique and it has pockets. SO I decided to make a new serie for the the new season and enter the one pattern many looks competition this year as well.
Here is my first version in a warm red with textured stripes:
I also added a collar this time. I was playing with this idea since I made my sisters's red version and now it finally felt like the right time for it:
Sewing 154- Shopping 133.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

School outfits

   This fall we have been hit with a big change. Both kids have to start wear some sort of uniforms. That limits my creativity so so much.
    I was really disappointed with what was asked to buy. The polos shirt had such an awful fit . Look at those shoulders and is 60% poly blah blah blah. That that short ...

At first I bought her some simple polo navy shirts that were fitting better and were cotton not recycled polyester. I love the idea of recycling plastic bottles to make fabric but not for items for kids that go directly on the skin... And made 3 ruffle skirts ( that also have shorts built in underneath)  to coordinate with them and found an etsy seller to digitize the kindergarten logo for to so I can embroider the shirts:
Made 3 of this flamingo skirt with underpants ( 2 for her friends at kindergarten):
I also made a pair of pleated polka dots pants to go with the shirts:
And them some dresses and tops using navy as the base color but spicing up with a bit of color:
Also made 4 pairs of leggings to go with new dresses 3 navy and 1 yellow:
Sewed some ribbon to mark the back for kids:
Some boy tops:
Sewing 153 - Shopping 125.