Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Clasic black outfit - lekala blouse with a bow #4452 & pencil skirt with flounce in the back #S3002

lekala 4452 & Lekala S3002
The Lekala journey continues... After sewing successful with knits I got the courage to try some of their patterns in woven fabrics. I picked up a pencil skirt with flounce in the back and blouse with a bow. The pencil skirts are not what I wear at all but I always love to look at them so I thought I should bring one in my wardrobe thinking maybe I would wear it if it turns out nice and if is made by myself. I always push myself to wear what I sew. I don't think pencil skirts look bad on me but I just feel they are too elegant for most of the occasions and usually even if I wear I skirt I prefer the comfort of a full one. - Lekala S3002

The top is rather simple with the collar and a bow to give it some magic. - Lekala 4452:
   For the 1st skirt I used a stretch satin cotton fabric and it seems it was too much for the non stretch pattern I had at hand. So the end result would not sit well on me and it would seem 1 or 2 numbers too big. The skirt ended up fitting my mother perfectly so it was not a disaster. In that light I slimmed the skirt down a bit more ( a bit on the center and a bit on the sides ) and sewed it in a suiting rayon-lycra blend that had as well some decent stretch to it. I think it ended being a bit too tight on me this time but it will work. I also separated a band at the top of the skirt to fit the facing and added it separately to the skirt for more stability. My skirt also has extra "flounce" - instead of cutting the lower back on the fold I kept the upper point on the fold and rotated the pattern a bit then cut to include the extra fabric.
   With my mind on Lekala patterns being with to much ease I lied a bit about my sizes with the top and It is just a bit to tight. If I would have added the actual sizes for this top and fabric I think the fit would have been perfect. I am still learning how to work the system.
   The skirt goes well with the last lekala tee:
I will update here with the 1st draft of the skirt that stretch a bit to much that ended up to be for my mom. I love how it goes on her. what a lucky incident:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A dress - Lekala 4437

Lekala 4437
I think a dress is the most feminine garment there is out there. And I love dresses. But mostly to look at them or on someone else. Pants are so much more comfortable and easy to wear for me. So I tried to sew things I would wear and I think it's been over a year now since I've sewed a dress. And probably more time would have passed if Lekala didn't had a gift for me. They have a weekly photo contest - here and my 1st black & white tee from their pattern managed to get 3rd place and won me a free pattern coupon. So I wanted to go wild with it and got a dress. - Lekala 4437
I loved the shape of the dress and they have a wonderful project on their site with the dress color blocked that I really loved but I didn't have the courage to try it in "dress fabric" so I slim it down a bit and went with jersey - same as my cardigan. No blocking for the 1st try. I also added some real sleeves.I love my new dress and I should definitely try it again. What a great pattern and I am so happy I got it.

Lekala 4437
My hem is not exactly "straight". I probably messed up something. I will try to fix that next time.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Preparing for summer - 2 new short sleeved bodysuits for Eva - Ottobre 03-2010 #1

   I am cut in black and white for my endless  combination entry so I start seeing same colors for Eva. All of her store cloths have strong live colors - mostly pink - so I love to create something else for her and I think that this more classic colors and prints give her a note of elegance.
   The pattern if of course an Ottobre - a bit of an older edition - 03/2010 design #1. It is an infant bodysuit with envelope style neckline and rib bindings at neck, sleeves and leg openings. Snaps on the bodysuit bottom. Sleeves are what I find special on this one having a slight gathering that gives a more feminine note to it.
 I've done 2x size 80 one in polka dots and one simple black with a small lace detail at the neck line to give it some personality.
They are perfect on Eva and go very well with the black and white costume I sewed for her recently. She will now have her own endless combination entry in the same color scheme as me. She has now the minimum 4 but I sure want to do more for her before the end.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Playful black and white tee - lekala #4511

lekala 4511

After quite some struggle with this pattern I finally managed to get it work for me. It has interesting panels and with my front side panel adjustment it sit perfectly on my body.

I loved the black and white combo of the 1st top and I wanted to go with it again. I wanted to use the darker panels on the front since I still have a small pregnancy bump left over and that was what I wanted to mask the most but I hope there will be more versions of this since I am curious how it will look with darker side panels. I also liked the stripes in the 2nd top in the center but font on the sides so this time I gave it a new twist by cutting them on the bias. And since stripes were at play I managed to add bands of them to the shoulder, sleeve and neck band. I love it like this.
 Also this time I used a one way stretch jersey (I think this is actually called ponte knit but I am not 100% sure) that was a lot more stable and I think that helped with this design.
 I love wearing this new top. It was worth the effort of getting it to fit me. Now I just wander if I will sew more of this? I want to try and add other patterns to my mastery for now but I for sure would love to see other versions of this one.