Thursday, April 21, 2016

Preparing for summer - 2 new short sleeved bodysuits for Eva - Ottobre 03-2010 #1

   I am cut in black and white for my endless  combination entry so I start seeing same colors for Eva. All of her store cloths have strong live colors - mostly pink - so I love to create something else for her and I think that this more classic colors and prints give her a note of elegance.
   The pattern if of course an Ottobre - a bit of an older edition - 03/2010 design #1. It is an infant bodysuit with envelope style neckline and rib bindings at neck, sleeves and leg openings. Snaps on the bodysuit bottom. Sleeves are what I find special on this one having a slight gathering that gives a more feminine note to it.
 I've done 2x size 80 one in polka dots and one simple black with a small lace detail at the neck line to give it some personality.
They are perfect on Eva and go very well with the black and white costume I sewed for her recently. She will now have her own endless combination entry in the same color scheme as me. She has now the minimum 4 but I sure want to do more for her before the end.

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