Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Clasic black outfit - lekala blouse with a bow #4452 & pencil skirt with flounce in the back #S3002

lekala 4452 & Lekala S3002
The Lekala journey continues... After sewing successful with knits I got the courage to try some of their patterns in woven fabrics. I picked up a pencil skirt with flounce in the back and blouse with a bow. The pencil skirts are not what I wear at all but I always love to look at them so I thought I should bring one in my wardrobe thinking maybe I would wear it if it turns out nice and if is made by myself. I always push myself to wear what I sew. I don't think pencil skirts look bad on me but I just feel they are too elegant for most of the occasions and usually even if I wear I skirt I prefer the comfort of a full one. - Lekala S3002

The top is rather simple with the collar and a bow to give it some magic. - Lekala 4452:
   For the 1st skirt I used a stretch satin cotton fabric and it seems it was too much for the non stretch pattern I had at hand. So the end result would not sit well on me and it would seem 1 or 2 numbers too big. The skirt ended up fitting my mother perfectly so it was not a disaster. In that light I slimmed the skirt down a bit more ( a bit on the center and a bit on the sides ) and sewed it in a suiting rayon-lycra blend that had as well some decent stretch to it. I think it ended being a bit too tight on me this time but it will work. I also separated a band at the top of the skirt to fit the facing and added it separately to the skirt for more stability. My skirt also has extra "flounce" - instead of cutting the lower back on the fold I kept the upper point on the fold and rotated the pattern a bit then cut to include the extra fabric.
   With my mind on Lekala patterns being with to much ease I lied a bit about my sizes with the top and It is just a bit to tight. If I would have added the actual sizes for this top and fabric I think the fit would have been perfect. I am still learning how to work the system.
   The skirt goes well with the last lekala tee:
I will update here with the 1st draft of the skirt that stretch a bit to much that ended up to be for my mom. I love how it goes on her. what a lucky incident:


  1. The skirt looks very nic on you. The flounce in the back is a surprise and just a little sexy.
    Skirts are not big on my list either, but you have made this one look so good, I may try this.
    I also,like the evolution of your top. It too is very intriguing!

    1. Those were my thoughts (or hopes) as well when picking up the pattern...

  2. Scuze ca intarzii cu comentariile, intru doar pe tableta si de acolo nu pot comenta.
    Esti la inaltime, nu te mai opreste nimeni, esti grozava, spor in continuare dupa sarbatori!

    1. Am avut noroc ca au fost bunicii in vizita putin inainte de sarbatori si am putut sa mai rup cate ceva timp. Oricum a inceput sa imi placa cu Lekala doar printez tai si cos nu mai tre sa ma gandesc prea mult inainte sa scot un model.Parca merge mai repede treaba.