Thursday, June 26, 2014

Not so very easy Vogue 8775

vogue 8775

I had this very easy Vogue Pattern 8775 and I just had to try it. Is a really nice looking coat you can get with just 4 simple pattern pieces : 1 for front, 1 for back, 1 for sleeve and 1 for pocket. Loose-fitting, unlined, double-breasted jacket (fitted through bust) has front extending into standing collar and inside snaps. The back piece had hardly any curve ( around 1 cm or less ) so I just eliminated the back seam.

The main fabric detail:
I did my own lining pieces using the main ones and just deciding where to add each fabric and adding seam allowances for the new cuts. It seems that the lining is a very good and funny cape for children:
About the lining - I used the same pattern pieces as the front just adding a few more cuts to it so I can do it in 3 different fabrics : collar in fleece ( I cut it on the fold this time so I will not have a seam in the middle of the back. I marked 2 1/2 inch for the rest of the edge and cut in main fabric. I cut all parts for the polka dots sateen except the collar. For the main fabric of the lining I just finished it with black bias tape and the sewing it on top of the sateen so I will not have a difficult curvy seam to do between the 2 parts. Here are the altered pattern pieces for the lining:
It would all have been so easy if I didn't over complicated everything doing the lining and the fleece collar and the fleece cuffs and the fleece trim... The fleece piping may have not been the best idea since it was quite thick and made the edge look a bit funny... but after all the trouble to get it in I was not up to take it out. I really have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I love it, other times I just hate it...
I really like the color combo of this coat and I hope it is comfortable enough so I can wear it. Is just to hot right now to stay in it and test it. The fabric buttons are just for fun; the coat closes with inside hand sewn snaps. And of course I attached them on the wrong side but I don't really care so much about what part should overlap the other so I just let them like that.
The pattern is really easy and if you do it like you were supposed to ( no lining ) is a very fast jacket. I will try it again when I find some nice two sides wool fabric.

And here is the coat on me:


  1. I love it! It's sharp, whimsical and very cozy looking. Nicely done, Ma'am!

    1. Thank you very much for your nice comment!

  2. I already commented on Pattern Review, but have to say again what a fantastic job you did on this coat! Plus, I love the picture of your little boy in the lining turned cape! My "little" boy is 16 now, but I remember when everything was turned into a cape... they really do grow up too fast.