Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autum doll and outfit

   My quest to create a doll for Eva continues. I managed to find some knit closer to skin color this time and the face has more friendly and playful. I love the color of the hair but i didn't do such an amazing job applying it. I need it more yarn but that was all they had for sale. The body shape is pretty lame as well. I should have tried to find a pattern instead of making it myself.
   I was planning on making some matching outfit with Eva but for now I had to settle at a orange suit: puff sleeve shirt with plastic snaps and simple gusset skirt with lace hem.

 The new doll is already friends with Eva. She loves gating her hands in the doll hair:
 I am still not happy with the end result but is a step in the right direction. I may try a 3rd one as well at some point.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Grina - my 1st handmade doll

  It has been a while since I cut or sew something and it started to get painful.   I needed a project to get back in the game. I really wanted to do a doll for Eva and I finally got the courage to try sew one. This one was supposed to be the test drive. It is a little creepy and I really want to try again.The face is machine embroidered and I thought it will be OK to use gray as skin....
   Eva played a little bit with it before making the hair:
 I was not happy enough to make clothes for her as well so I used Eva's baby dresses for the doll. the hands and legs are too thin and the shoulders are awkward, maybe the head is to small as well... I didn't use kind of pattern or measurement. I just cut some free style.