Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Brand new McCall's 6844 - finally in jersey

 Last spring was full of this pattern for me and it seems to have been a lasting love. The 1st 3 I sewed were given away ( not the perfect fit on me ) but I seen them wore by the receivers so that made me happy. But the 3 that stayed with me were even better. I wore the scalloped navy blue jacket over and over again and I should do another one just like it soon to replace it. The eyelet navy blue jacket is really elegant and I love to use it. The denim one I used the least - it's a bit harder to coordinate but it's more casual and comfortable so I love it too - it goes great with my 3/4 Eleonore pull on jeans but when I wear those it's usualy to hot for the jacket ...
   Anyway this is the return of the jacket - lovely McCall's 6844 - finally in jersey of the 7th edition.
   What I sewed is actually something like this:

   This is my 7th run at this pattern and I think this time I knew what I want. View C in the back and view A in the front (with a bit of redrawing the hem line). I also took like 3/4 inch at the shoulders ( too wide ... ). I shaped the collar to be round in the front low part. I think it looks better like that and I don't have to worry if the lines meet nicely when is folded in all postures. The new thing is that I added pockets this time. Not sure how they will hold on jersey but I love pockets. I managed to match the print almost perfectly with the pockets and you can hardly tell they are there in the pictures at least.
 I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this . It turned wonderful ... and this time I knew before that it would. This is my favorite pattern and this jacket is already one of the most loved items in my wardrobe.
   And I also love to have some matching outfits with Eva when we go play outside.


  1. It is gorgeous! And looks lovely on you. The fabric is wonderful. I really like your changes to the pattern. You have a true TNT pattern with this one.

    1. Yeah! I love this pattern. I truly feel I can always cont on it!

  2. The jacket has a beautiful drape! It looks great on you:) I am looking forward to next post.