Friday, May 29, 2015

Eva is enjoying her wardrobe

   Eva arrived on 11 May and we are home for more then 2 weeks now. We are getting to know each other and she is a very easy child so far. We got a little scared the 1st night home when she decided to cry all night but we hardly hear her ever since. I guess she only wanted to show us what she can do if we don't behave. I am also very happy that the wardrobe I sewed for her is in her everyday use and I wanted to share with you all some of this joy.
The wrap bodysuit and footed pants are a really good combo to use  and fit her perfectly. We will outgrow them soon but we make the most out of it until then.
We tried a little bit on the dresses as well but the weather is not that hot yet.
We start getting some sunny days as well:
So many more combinations to go:


  1. Minunat! Să-ţi trăiască!
    Să ai parte de multe bucurii şi să coşi în continuare hăinuţe frumoase!

  2. La multi ani! Sa-ti creasca copii mari si voi sa fiti sanatosi!