Friday, July 17, 2015

Hello kitty baby romper - Ottobre

The weather is really hot now so this sleeveless romper seemed just perfect. It is a very simple design but the cute pockets make all the difference. And again I can't help falling for Ottobre. The romper has a snap crotch. The neckline is finished with rib binding witch makes it stretchy enough for outing the romper on and taking it off. Small pockets are inserted into the side seams.
I traced size 68. It is a bit to large and long but is OK. Hopefully she will be wearing it all summer.
ottobre 03-2013-2
Eva is so adorable in it specially with her hands in the pockets.And it is also comfortable :


  1. Eva is adorable! I'm curious-- how did you apply the binding to the pockets? The outfit looks great.

    1. Thank you! The front piece has the curved cut out at the pockets and there is no pocket bag that is attached to that. I sewed the binding for it normal straight stitch since I don't think she will be using it. The green fabric that is the pocket back is sewed directly to the front piece with zig-zag stitch .