Monday, June 19, 2017

One more peplum in denim polka dots - Lekala 4177

I meant this top to be my peplum for the wardrobe entry when I started but then I realized it is not working so well in my color scheme so I replaced it. It is the same Lekala pattern as the rest of them :
   It had modified sleeves - I even tried to attach the flounce from the McCall's top to it but it was terrible combo and made me look huge so I cut it off.
   It is a few centimeters longer and I drafted a collar for it to be more in sync with Eva's jumpsuit.
   It was such a lovely fabric to sew with and it's even nicer to wear.
Lekala 4177
Lekala 4177
Lekala 4177
Lekala 4177
4 items with the last 3 jumpsuits for Eva and 2 new fabrics bought from a local store so I am at the same 85 debt but I am thinking to place a "huge" order to another store that just sent me samples so I will probably get myself onto 3 digits debt soon....


  1. What a sweet peplum. The mom and daughter combo is great, and the proportions of the peplum in the back work really well on you!

  2. I really love this blouse. It looks lovely on you.
    P.S Is your season colour "Summer"? Because you look good in blue:)))

    1. Thanks Eli! What an interesting link! I really tried to put some thought lately on what " my colors " are and so far I could only decide the cool ones look better on me then the warm ones. I can't tell much from their season "test" but the summer pallet definitely has shades that worked for me in the past so I am saving it for further reference when trying to decide on what colors to try on.