Monday, June 12, 2017

Blue sky summer wardrobe - Lekala & McCall's

I skipped the PR wardrobe for myself this year - working on one for each of my children. So I could not miss the small one as well. One of the most wonderful tricks I learned on Pattern Review was to pick on theme and color scheme each season and try to sew & shop with it in mind. Each time I've done that I ended with easy to coordinate outfits. My favorite one so far was the pregnancy wardrobe I did in 2015 in blues and teal.
In 2016 it was black and white and while the combo is timeless I somehow did not felt myself in it as much as the previous one. There were a few items that I really loved there - like the V tee and the cardigan but it did not felt like a huge hit to me.
So this year I am back to blues and I love it. Being a summer wardrobe this time I went from royal blues to white and pink and I love the results.
    I all started somehow with the dress I did for a may wedding:
Even if it was not an elegant evening dress I felt really well in it and unique. One comment my husband had on it was why I did not used the inverse colors - the answer would have been the fabric structure and to much white would not have been OK for a wedding but that got me thinking and what come out of it was a new top - McCalls 7538:
I used the same technique of making my own striped fabric for the bigger cross panel and this time using 5 stripes rather then 3 and just contrast for the smaller diagonal parts. I really loved the effect. I felt in love with the tee right way and it just set the tone for the rest of my wardrobe:
I always include the latest patterns I worked with good results in the wardrobes and this year was the turn or Lekala 4177 peplum top to join the fun.
After 2 attempts that didn't quite coordinated with the tone set by the tee I finally found a new fabric for in in a white/blue plaid. It was a bit to stiff for this pattern but somehow I love how it played out. I used white lace applique for a few neckline and white crochet lace to highlight the sleeve hem and waist.
A long time ago I sort of promised myself to have one McCall's peplum cardigan each season and all my previous entries  had one after I discovered the pattern. So this year will be no surprise here. Another McCall's 6844 just the way I like it - round collar and larger sleeve, straight in the front and flounce in the back- this time in white:
On a moment impulse I also did a very fast Lekala 3050 skirt to give the wardrobe some new looks. I went with the modified version I did for last year with front flounce as well:
The last item was the hardest to pick and I ended up doing 4 of them and choosing the muslin...
It is all bout the popular McCall's 7542. I had it on my mind and table for quite some time but never having the right time of fabric for it until now:
Taking many of my stash fabrics out I found this light pink floral fabric and at 1st I thought of using it as muslin fabric and try the most dramatic sleeve first - view B. I was quite impressed with how the top fitted right after the 1st try. I often get really odd darts placement. I also liked how pink worked with my other colors and decided it would be a good addition to the collection.
I liked the pink so much that the next one was also a light pink one with more comfy sleeves and a twist for the neckline:
This also coordinates nice with a dress I made in this fabric last fall:
The next one is in the skirt fabric. I initially purchased the fabric for this top and I am so happy I managed to get the skirt and top out of it without having to buy more.
The last one was just for fun with a stray fabric from stash and I am pleased how it somehow worked inside the theme as well:
Also since the last time I counted I bought 2 new fabrics from aliexpress - one arrived and one is scheduled for Friday and 2 new fabrics from local stores - 1 knit to stash and the blue fabric I used for this post in skirt and top so my debt is up to 94 items but I sewed 9 items as well and that got it down to 85 ( just one item less but still a step in the right direction maybe).


  1. This is a beautiful collection! The x-striped top is such a great design, and it's so bold and crisp in the white and blue.

    1. Extraordinar! Esti femeia fantastica! Cata variatiune pe aceeasi tema!

    2. Thank you Elizabeth! The striped top is my favorite too and triggered all the rest of them.

    3. Mersi Izi. Ajuta mult sa alegi 2-3 culori si sa te tii de ele. Le asortezi usor pe urma. Pentru momente ca astea nu ma mai simt asa vinovata cu vreo 2-3 dulapuri de materiale din care sa aleg. :)

  2. You are so talented! A lot of the great works. I love the pink blouse the most:) Bravo!