Friday, June 17, 2016

Refashion men shirt - lekala 4109

Refashion men shirt

 I love refashion projects. I am always amazed by some people ingenuity and the transformations. So I always make plans to try it myself. When my husband decided to give up this shirt I wanted to work on it right away. I love its fabric and the pockets are so nicely done. I used  Lekala 4109 that I wanted to make in woven anyway. I reworked the shoulder line this time before adding sleeves and it is much better.
   I used bias cut for front yoke and back panels and I love the effect from that. The downside was that I didn't have enough fabric left to cut the back yoke so I had to improvise. I had a long time thinking what do  for that. No other fabric seemed to work and I didn't want to do anything just to finish it. In the end I created a patchwork from the small craps left and I think it was the best decision.
   Maybe the pocket placement ended up a bit weird. It may have been better if I made the shirt shorter and I may not had to struggle so much for the fabric... but after all this is my 1st attempt to refashion a men shirt and I am proud of the result.
  It is a comfortable shirt and quite unique. And I will do better next time. this is definitely a fun project to tackle.
I used some floral print cotton to double the front and back yoke for a nice inside:
   We were on a small trip in the weekend and both kids and myself had shirts sewed by myself. Isn't it nice when that happens?
Andrei's shirt from from the mini wardrobe I did for him last summer. One of my favorite items ever made.
   Eva's is from this year but I didn't had a chance to review it yet so will do it now. It is an Ottobre design of course issue 03/2015 design #8. I love that it had girlish lines and the piping is such a nice effect but I doesn't have facings and that's not nice. If I will do it again I will add them, for sure. It is a summer shirt so you want it to be able to wear it unbuttoned without being ashamed of your seams ...

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