Friday, May 9, 2014

"Make it yours" - owl clutch bag

owl bag tutorial

You can vote for my owl in Deby's contest here:
Contest vote link.

As I said before I wanted to do more bags for the "Make It Yours" Sewing Contest. This is my second try at it.Here are the links to the pattern and contest rules ( pattern is free, entering the contest is optional ):
For some time now I wanted to try do my own owl bag. I've been putting down on a list all kind of ideas for it but I didn't had the courage to try it until today. Deby's pattern seemed pretty good for it and I already had a try at the pattern so I had the confidence needed to make a few small changes. Some of this ideas involved a lot of work but I took the easy way... I took out all my fabric and start looking for prints I can use. Here are the fabrics I selected :

Here is how I did it: ( the picture not the best - it was night .... )

I did another copy of the pattern, folded it as the final bag will be and start drawing... After that I did 2 small cuts in the pattern :

Take a look at the picture with the 2 pattern unfolded and overlapping to get a better understanding:
The new pattern I folded in half and cut. Kept one part and used the other to cut out smaller pieces ( wing, eye, eyebrow ):
Note that because of this I now have to cut the fabric, the lining and interfaces on the fold:
After this I took the eye and the wing patterns and try to find something in the printed fabrics that I can use. After mixing and matching I decided not to use the exact patterns for eye or wing and completely dropped the eyebrow. Here was the preview setup:
I cut the extra fabric and and sew the eye and the wing on main fabric of the clutch. I also added some eyes for toys.

From here I just followed the pattern instructions with only one exception. I didn't let the seam open in the middle for reversing but more on a side:

the result seemed a bit to plain so I glued a few felt accents.

The final result:


  1. I think it's amazing how you've designed this bag. It looks wonderful.
    Ali xx

  2. Hello Genius!! LOVE what you've done w/ Deby's pattern. Especially for a so called, "beginner"!! This bag made my choice in voting #1!! Well done Georgia, WELL done!!!

    1. Thanks Chelle. Deby's pattern is really so easy. And after doing the 1st one and understanding the steps and where each piece go the rest just started to fall into place like puzzle pieces.

  3. I was just about the say "genius" but I see someone else has beat me to it! This is SO clever and creative, brilliant!

    1. Thanks Julia! I am a fabric addict. Every nice fabric I see I feel like I have to buy at least half a meter just in case I ever need it... So finding the right fabric was not that hard. Is one of my favorite things to lay down all of it and do some brainstorming...