Monday, June 25, 2018

Simple things with some color

Lately the summer activities took over and I only been doing simple and fast sewing projects. Except a special occasion dress for my mom. I had this left over fabric from Eva's birthday outfits and I though I should use them for her. So I made 3 pairs of leggings of various length and 2 dresses she can mix and match.
 I finished the one with the green tulle before the one with pick and she was crying over it so much because it is not pink. Her pink obsession is getting really frustrating. But of course I made her a pink skirt too...
 The green one is my favorite though:
 Andrei did a good part himself for a new pair or PJ pants. I loved seeing him cut his own pants and wearing them proudly later that day:
I've also bought some new sheets fabric and made 4 new bedsheets to not let them add to my always growing stash. I still have some of them left over as my plan was to make pillowcases as well and I didn't got to that:
 A colleague needed a new backpack for his son's changes at kindergarten and I offered to make him a simple one:
I showed real restrain going into fabric shops and even leaving empty handed at times... Sewing 101 - Shopping 71.

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