Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Last minute lace dress for my sister in law wedding - Vogue 9253

This year I went totally crazy with special occasion sewing ... Last year bee gave me a lot of confidence that I can make anything and it looks like I had to prove it... but now it is finally over. The wedding was last weekend and now my like can finally go back to normal... I made 6 dresses - 2 for the bride - city hall and the church/reception one; 2 for the mother of the bride ; 1 for myself for the reception and one for my cousin for the reception and of course the kids outfits that I took to a whole new level this time as well... so I will have a lot of catch up to do. I already shared my mother in law evening dress but I will try to update the post with some better photos from the event.
   I thought I will start this parade with my own dress that is actually started the day before and finished once again very close to the deadline... I did the hem between church and reception. I was unsure if I will manage to make anything for myself as I was extremely busy finishing everything else so i let it be the last one as I had some backup options but it felt wrong to go with a RTW dress when it looked like I made all the other best outfits at the wedding so I pushed and pushed and once again my family have been amazing helping me cross the finish line in time.
  I have spent a lot of time last summer tying to adapt Vogue 9253 for myself and it felt a lace version will look amazing:
 ...and I was right. It was a good call. The lace I had was right and soft and I loved wearing it. The lining I had picked for this was a Georgette fabric and while it did looked and felt amazing it was a real pain to work with..
 I used all the fitting alterations I developed last summer for the floral version except for the back cutout. To time consuming to get it right. I moved the zipper to the side this time and skipped the belt for a more formal look.
   The photos were all taken at the event where the party lights did all kind of tricks to the colors on the photos. So the colors are all over the place. The real color on the lace is heather maybe in the diagram below and the Georgette mauve.
The modified bodice lines are more visible in the floral version but the front is almost the same for both except that this stime the lave scallops extend a bit over the edge and overlap creating a softer V. I tried to modify the drawing to reflect my changes:
Once again I kept the sleeves shorter and I am thinking of remaking the hem on the sleeve and attach some scalloped edge from the lace to it.I am also impressed my hem looked quite even considering I only let my dress hand for a few hours during the church event and then hanged it on the  door and mark it at an even distance from the floor and free cut between markings....
I had a shiny dusty  pink pair of shoes in the beginning that went with my nail polish and earnings but with such a long skirt I could soon change into flats so I can dance pain free ...

For now Sewing 53 - Shopping 55 but there are quite a few items to count and review...


  1. Gorgeous dress! No words can describe this amazing dress on you! ♥