Tuesday, December 19, 2017

1 December - Romania's national day

This year we celebrated the national day with new outfits in out flag colors : red+yellow+blue. I been meaning to make them every year but never got to it until this year. I don't find the color combo the most fortunate in terms of fashion but I think we got a good outcome. We were at a small celebration with a group of friends and everyone admired them. I made tunic and leggings for Eva and top for Andrei.
For the day I made them 2 scarfs in the flag colors. The also got lots of nice comments from complete strangers for them.
5 items and bought 13 new fabrics so debt up to 200. But I am not buying any fabric this year:)... and had a few other small items made so I will end the year under 200 debt...


  1. Ce idee mareata! Nu mai cumperi materiale? Ce a ramas din 2017, vrei sa spui, ha, ha!

    1. Anu asta nu mai cumpar (ca nu mai cand )! 2-18 e alta poveste... Ma bucur mult ca am reusit sa fac ceva tricor! Ma tot gandesc la asta de ceva ani!

  2. So cute, colorful and Lovely outfits! Congrats! ♥

  3. How lovely! These garments are pretty and fun:) I love the fabric combination.

  4. Super ca tot ce lucrezi tu! Felicitari si spor! E o lectie mereu cand ajung pe pagina ta de blog!
    Sanatate maxima tie si celor dragi tie!
    Imi dau seama ca nu mai ai timp si de forum, si acolo e chiar aproape liniste!