Sunday, November 12, 2017

Plaid wool jacket for my son - Ottobre 4/2013#15 Lynx jacket

With the bee over I could finally think and focus on some warm wool jackets. I started buying this double sided wool for myself and then another piece for the kids.
I cut mine 1st and Eva's second but I finished the one for my son first. I used a wook knit jacket from ottobre for my son : Lynx jacket - Ottobre 04-2013-15:
I really liked the design lines but I simplified it a bit for this fabric by eliminating the side seams:
I also replaced the zipper pockets with welt pockets:

I used the plain side for the shoulder patches , welt and hoodie:
I made the zipper less exposed:
I added a fun lining:
I also sewed a fast scarf with blue shades for him
Is not perfect but I really like the way he looks in it: