Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ottobre swimsuits for the kids

   Last summer I bought some really nice and expensive fabrics for swimwear for the kids and not only but I didn't got around yet to sew any of it. With the PR active wear contest I was hopping to get the party started but I still didn't had the heart to cut into the good fabric so this are the muslins made in a sporty fabric of really good quality found online here in Romania.
   For Eva I used the retro pattern from Ottobre 3/2016 #27 A - size 92:

And for Andrei I used an older Ottobre pattern 6/2010 #16 SIZE 116:
   Eva fit is pretty good - just a bit to long on the body but with her gaining height so fast it will probably be perfect in the summer. So I can now make more and focus on design elements. I didn't want to spend to much time and thinking on the 1st one just in case the fit was not that good.
   The shorts for Andrei were not that great even if he seemed quite pleased with them and kept repeating me he feels good in them I think the waistband is to high and maybe the legs could use just a bit more length. I will probably sew it again since I may be to lazy to find another pattern and prep it but I will have to do some adjustments.
 I skipped binding on the leg openings and sewed the straps in the back slightly different : it forms a V rather then an X. It seemed right like that with I tried it on on her before attaching the straps.
Both items are lined at the crotch with the same fabric. I had some green mesh fabric but somehow I didn't feel like bothering with it and I thought it might look better with the same fabric...
I will be generous with myself and give me 2 more fabric points. It is a bit to much I know but doing this muslins is a big step in getting some really cute swimsuits for the kids this summer.
Update with some pictures taken half year later in the summer:

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