Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Vogue 9238 in red velvet

My cousin also attended the wedding event last weekend and a short while before the event we were discussing some new dress possibility. She is close in size to me so is not very hard to me to sew for her. She tried some of my favorite patterns and the Vogue 9238 seemed to be very flattering on her and I always felt a dress in this pattern would look great.
We picked red velvet as the fabric for a luxurious look and it was a great choice. I made sure that all the patern pieces of velvet were cut on the same direction and it doesn't change color from one piece to another. The only problem was the front band that is cut on a different direction as the rest from the instructions and I thought it was important to have the stretch on the length and didn't dare challenge that so there is a bit of contrast there in certain lights but is nice.
   I experimented a bit and decided to create a V in the back as well:
She looked amazing at the wedding and the red tie her date wore was a perfect compliment to the dress. they were so sweet together.
 Slowly catching up to my purchases. Sewing 54 - Shopping 55.

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