Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lekala 4671 summer coat in not a summery fabric

I have been crazy crazy busy with my sister in law wedding coming in 2 weeks. I can't really believe I made the wedding dress but after countless hours of work is almost done... just a few more hours with some hand finishing touches... and I have just started on the little outfits... I will probably not have much time left for myself but it is OK.
  2 weeks ago was still crazy cold and that got me thinking that I don't want a dress for the day events but a coat... so I was thinking of making this quick summer lekala coat in a cute brocade and decided to use some stash wool for a test drive.
It turned out a lot thicker then I expected so I added an extra band at the sleeve to make it long sleeved rather then 3/4 and skipped the pockets - seemed to bulky already though I might add them later... Spent way more time then I should have on it making welt pockets and dealing with fabric issues but this is the result...
 And now that I made a wool coat the spring is finally here...
 I have been shopping again online and in person 12 new fabrics ... oops! and I am behind with blogging since almost everything I made lately is for the wedding so Sewing 51 - Shopping 55.


  1. Imi place modelul, e usor de cusut si purtat. Poate e putin cam larg, dar sigur vei indrepta asta daca te deranjeaza. In rest ma inclin in fata ta. Tot ce cosi te duce cu un pas mai in fata si iti usureaza munca pe viitor. Spor in tot ce faci! Imi place si decorul de la tara.

    1. Asa credeam si eu ca e usor de facut si de purtat da parca totusi nu a mers si nu stiu daca e problema materialul prea gros sau tiparul... probabil mai incerc odata cu material subtire si dam verdictul final pe urma. E asa de fain ca a venit primavara in sfarsit!