Friday, April 28, 2017

Red peplum - lekala 4177

The summer is warm weather is closer every day and I managed to do a bit of sewing. I loved loved Eva's gold dress so I decided to redo the pattern just a bit longer ( it turned out to long though). I also loved her red set from last summer so I used the left over fabric to make a new dress and pants for the jacket. Here is the outfit from last summer that is a bit short now but still to cute not to use.
 It looks a bit to big for now but she is growing so fast so I hope it will look better on her soon as I don't feel I should modify it:
The pants pattern is the lower part of the recent jumper I made her. I liked the big bottom narrow legs and I wandered how it would look as a separate piece:
Without the red jacket they are not much - I don't think i'll do another soon -  but I love the suit look.
As it seems to become the usual my items come last. I tried a peplum top from the fabric left from Eva's dresses. I know I am a little late with peplum now but I always loved the feminine look of those and I could no wear it before because of the baby bump that make me look horrible. So now that most of the bump is finally go ( even if my waist will never have the old measurement again ...) I felt I could finally try it. The pattern is Lekala 4177:
I am not big on cap sleeves so I just did a normal one. I also used contrast neck band ( a bit to tight :( for my light-medium weight knit fabric) :
Lekala 4177
Lekala 4177
Lekala 4177
And because I ended up really liking it I made another one in solid red ponte knit with long sleeves. And I'm really liking this one as well:
Lekala 4177
Lekala 4177Lekala 4177
 4 items that would have got my debt down to 40 but I just bought 6 new printed summer denims online and 2 fabrics on local stores and 14 quilting cottons that have to arrive today so my debt is up to 84 - that's ridiculous. That's no way I have any chance of clearing this debt but I will keep score just to see how much I can stray from it. I really need a new system to keep my fabric in check.

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