Monday, May 8, 2017

Royal blue and white dress - McCall's 7538

I needed a dress for the weekend that just passed. I could have probably bought one but that would not have been fun. And finding a dress to buy it's still time consuming. I just realized close to the deadline that I will only have a few hours in one afternoon and maybe small chunks later in the week but not much more then that so I needed something that would not be very time consuming and hard to sew or fit.
    I have spend quite some time browsing fabric and patterns  I had trying to come up with a plan and then another quick trip to the fabric store and coming home empty handed witch is a rare thing for me. But the only fabrics I liked were really really expensive - like 5-10 x my usual purchases and I was still unsure what pattern would work with those so I decided to make my huge stash work.
   I had this royal blue fabric for more then 5 years. It had a discreet shine and nice stretch and I always envisioned it as an elegant outfit. But I didn't had much of it - I think only 1.5m so most of the pasterns I had in mind would not have worked out. On the pat minute I decided to go with  McCall's 7538:
It was the last pattern on my sewing table and I just did a simple tee muslin to check it out. I wanted to go with only solid fabric and let the fit and flow of the dress to make the dress but I was not able to do it. The color blocking was just calling for me and I could not resist the temptation for a little drama. I liked the texture of a recent white fabric I bought and I thought that adding a little white to the dress would help transition to white accessories and would go nice together.
   Doing all the wait pieces in white seemed a bit to much and extreme so I did my own fabric for those pieces by sewing together 3 stripes of fabric - 2 white and one blue. I went for even stripes but now I think even like this is still a bit to much white and having made the blue stripe twice the width of the white ones might have been better. But to late for that...
   Even if the weather warmed up here is still cold at night so I went for the long sleeve - view A and simple upper front - view C and the flared skirt option - View B & D.
  It might not have been the best dress at the party or the best dress I could make but it really felt good to have it made it myself in the short time frame I had for it. I also loved the skirt for dancing.
McCall's 7538
McCall's 7538
I have managed to take some quick photos this morning with the T-shirt I made 1st. I really love it all but the print defect on the fabric.

McCall's 7538
McCall's 7538McCall's 7538

2 new items , with the tee,  and 2 new fabrics so -86 items sewed this year.


  1. Wow! Very gorgeous, Georgia! It looks great on you. Thank you for sharing! You look like a celebrity(^_^)

    1. Thank you Eli! I was quite nervous at first wearing my own dress for a wedding but it felt right after all! I'm glad you like it!

    2. I understand your feeling. It's a perfect dress! I hope that you have a great time in your dress;)

  2. Oh, this is so unique! Fabulous dress and tee as well! Love this style!! :)