Monday, December 19, 2016

A Christmas toy - DIYFluffies turtle

Earlier this month I wanted to enter a challenge in sewing a Christmas decoration. It was not easy to decide what to do since I didn't want a tee decoration. I started myself in making a toy. I didn't managed to finish it in time for that deadline but I managed to finish it later. I had a bundle of 3 pasterns from DIYFluffies and I had already made 2 octopuses - here and here. For this project I choose the turtle. I still have the whale to try out.
   At 1st I tied go get together different fabrics and craps that would work in the holiday theme.
    I ended up using the velvet from the Eleonore jeans I made last Christmas and the star fabric from the reversible vintage apron and 2 new fabrics.   I just love using the last scraps and pulling back memories from past projects.
   The turtle pattern was marked advanced and I agree with that. It didn't look like much to me once I had the pattern pieces cut out but it was really tricky to get all those seams together...
That are a lots of curvy seams that are hard to sew together. You also have to cut your own seam allowance and the sew inner curves to outer curves... The pattern says that any fabric will work for it but I think some would be easier then others. Most of my fabrics were quilting cottons and those are very unforgiving to any small mistake. It might be easier with a flannel slightly stretchy..
   I ended up attaching the head by hand. My pattern pieces didn't exactly lined up there... but that was probably my bad. I also hand sew the small legs to get from under the shell. When I finished it they were turned towards inside... One other thing that I used is that I put in plastic green eyes and skipping 2 other small pattern pieces and steps...
  It didn't turned out that great and I can see a lot of mistakes in it but I think the turtle is warm and friendly. It looks like and interesting pattern but I think it takes some practice to master. Not sure if I will try it again. It takes time...


  1. Wow! A lot of colorful fabrics! I loved the octopuses, the turtle looks lovely too. I would love to see your Christmas decoration:)

    1. We usually don't invest much in Christmas decoration since we are never actually home for it. We do the tree early in December so the kids can enjoy it for a while. Out tree is pretty lame as I let the kids do and decide most of it. The turtle was a way to elude more traditional decorations.