Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Santa's little helpers - Ottobre's PJs

For this year's Christmas show Andrei needed an elf costume. There were plenty of options to buy but I hate so much the fabrics that all this costumes are made of and the complete waste they are after. I also loved the idea of making his costumes so I decided to make our own. I found this red and white stripes knit fabric. I decided I could make PJs out of it and it received such a strong approval from my son and a sad look from Eva that I made her a pair as well. It was a pain to work with but I really think they are cute PJs.
   Now that Andrei had something nice to wear on the skin I went on and used velveteen for the overall. Simple knee pants and some sort of a shirt over, a hat and shoes cover.
 I used a pattern that could have cone with color blocking the pants but after putting my fabrics together decided that simple stripes would be better.
 I am quite disappointed with the kindergarten staff  that let him wear his pants with one leg up and one down but over all I liked my little elf... it looked a little different then the commercial ones. I think mine looked prankish and more childish. I didn't put to much effort in the velvet staff since it was a one time garment, but I think it looked decent on the stage. And I am quite proud of not using a RTW one. What do you think?
 Turned into X-mas PJs.

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