Monday, February 12, 2018

6th Butterick 6492 for my mom in B&W

Like I keep saying I love Butterick 6492. And after the previous attempt that was supposed to be for my mom and ended with me I managed to actually make one for her. The sleeves are wider for her comfort and one size up this time.

I had to have the side panels more narrow this time as I didn't have enough border print otherwise and also I could not match the print on the pockets so I had to go with the smaller print over parts of the borders but I think that made the design actually better ( I changed the shape of the pockets a bit to not start below the border and have some continuity and flow in the design) . I also skipped the neck facings by turn and coverstitch and made it larger at my mom's request:
Here is my mom. I think the top looks great on her:
Butterick 6492
Butterick 6492Butterick 6492
I bought a lot of fabric lately so right now the score is Sewing 19 - Shopping 29 but there a re quite a few items I have not blogged yet or are work in progress and I didn't count as sewing so hopefully the balance will change soon...


  1. It looks great on her. Absolutely beautifully constructed garments. Well done!

  2. I just bought this pattern and love seeing all of your versions. What fabric is this? It has such great drape.