Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sun cover ups with Butterick 6457 & New Look 6432

Days before our beach vacations with the kids I decided I need some practical cover ups. So I bought 3 new fabrics ( linen. cotton and rayon ) and cut myself 4 new dresses at once. I thought that I get them all cut and started I will finish at least some for now and maybe the rest for next year. But with a few early morning I managed to finish all 4. Yey!
   Last fall I did a similar dress as a muslin in One pattern, many looks contest and I have been wearing it quite a lot earlier this summer so I wanted to redo that in better fabrics. So my 1st pattern was  New Look 6432
Here is the version I did in the fall:
Now I used a blue printed linen and a floral print batiste. Both are lovely to wear except for meals when my sleeves always end up in my sauce. I probably could have made shorter sleeves  or gathered version but I thought the long ones will offer nice protection from the sun and the free large ones would go better with the loose fitting of the dress.
The floral one is slightly longer. All of them have pockets.
From the remaining fabric I made a small dress for Eva as well:
For the next 2 dresses I used Butterick 6457 that have just become my favorite wear this late summer.

   The cold shoulder might not be the best in the sun but it does look cool.
   The red one is the only fabric that I didn't bought specifically for this. It is a cotton batiste is really soft and light and it is such a pleasure on the skin. The print colors didn't seamed the most fortunate to me but i got this fabric earlier this summer for the quality of the fabric more then anything else.
The dusty pink one is a crepe rayon. Quite nice to wear as well and it does better with wrinkles then other fabrics.

With so much busy sewing I get a little confidence counting again 4 beach dresses for me 1 for Eva, the vogue dress for me and the cold shoulder top from the same fabric and 3 items for my mothers so 10 sewn items and only this 3 fabric bought so i finally can get the debt down a bit to 157.


  1. How great to make all 4 dresses. I love the Butterick ones the best and the most colourful one is my favourite!

    1. Thank you! I agree the cold shoulder ones look better! I think the pink one is my favorite! But I feel safer from sun burns with the other 2. Still is nice to have from what to choose! I still can't believe I actually managed to finish all 4 before leaving!

  2. Your dresses are gorgeous! I love them all on you and the rea floral one is especially stunning! What wonderful dresses you have sewn! I read your reviews on Pattern Review (PreciselySew is me)!

  3. You are amazing! All these different variants are gorgeous! ♥

  4. Very beautiful works! I especially love the blue one. Well done.

  5. Hi Georgia, I am making this pattern and I can't figure out how to sew the neckband on. Do you have any photos or direction you can give me?
    Thank you so much--your dreses are gorgeous.

  6. Hi the one I'm making is 6457. thanks