Thursday, August 3, 2017

Girly cold shoulder tunic - Butterick 6457

Butterick 6457
On my last pattern order I needed 1 more pattern to get the free shipping and I decided on this Butterick 6457 as it was  cheaper then others and it didn't look that complicated so it had a better chance to get itself cut and sewn.
It was definitely going to be view A or B as the last 2 ones don't seem to have anything interested at all  - that flat front and loose sleeves don't seem appealing at all.
     I looked at the finished sizes and the amount of ease in this top seem very high so decided to cut the smaller size 6 that is probably at least 2 sizes down for me.  Now I am a bit sorry that I cut my tissue and not just copied as this would make an excellent top to sew as a gift. Not very complicated to construct and not demanding at all with the fit. I can probably grade it up myself if I would want to make a bigger one. The only tricky part with this top is the neckline ( I kinda of rushed this one and the neck is not perfectly sewn but you can hardly see it in this print so I can leave wit it). At least it looks quite clean on the inside:

I clipped my sleeve opening before turning it so it will stay flat.
   I added 2 inches length to it so it will be more like a tunic and I think I really liked the added length. I think it softens the loose fit, and make me look taller rather then larger...
   I bought this fabric on impulse in the beginning of the summer when I felt my summer woven options were to few and hate it every minute since. They told me it was rayon but it feels more synthetic that my other rayon fabrics ( at least to the touch we will have to see how wearing feels).  I also payed a bit more on this then other fabrics I bought this summer from this category. I just had to remove it from the stash fast so I will not have to think again that I made a bad deal with it. This top looked like a good match for it.
Butterick 6457
Butterick 6457
Butterick 6457
Since last time I counted I posted 2 new tops and bought 11 new fabrics over the weekend. That is crazy I know, but I was at that out of town deposit again and the prices there are just ridiculously low. So sewing debt up to 161 now.


  1. What fun fabric! I like the v-neckline and how the sleeves echo the v. It's a nice well-balanced design.

    1. I was not even planning on doing this one! I just needed a break from the dress I was sewing... and that fabric was something I really didn't liked seeing in my stash any more! I still can't believe how well it worked out in the end. Thanks!

  2. You are just amazing!! How lovely outfits!! ♥