Monday, July 24, 2017

Polka dots and stripes - one more PatternReview Claire wrap dress

I really enjoyed sewing and wearing my maxi Claire dress. I never done a wrap dress before that and I loved the many features on this pattern and the fact that is supposed to work with both knits and wovens.

I did my 1st one in woven and I liked the body of pull of the dress. I've seen quite a few reviews in knit and it sits nicely for the bodice but the skirt don't have the same feel. I just love a fuller skirt.
   I got confident with the pattern and while organizing some of my fabrics I got my hands on this pieces of navy and white stripes and polka dots that I bought thinking of some summer dresses for Eva. I only had 1 meter each so it would not be enough for me for a contrast version of the dress... I really wanted to play with those stripes and loved the coordination between my pieces so I decided to create a skirt + top look of this dress.
   I cut a collar from the polka dots piece but it looked to busy so I decided to finish it without a collar. I almost leaved it sleeveless but I like to have a bit of a sleeve. I tried contrast sleeves and it looked bad. My stripes at the armhole were in 3 different directions so impossible to mach them all. all I could o in the end was some sort of faulty V in the front - not that bad considering my other options.
   I didn't have enough polka dots fabric for the full skirt so the last part of the under lap is a different fabric same shades - just the dots a different size so it might not look so terrible if a sudden breeze come over.
  I am really proud I finished my inside a little nicer this time. I followed the instructions and sewn the back seam on the collar just the upper layer and then pin the other layer with my fabric turned so all the seams trapped inside it and then had sewn the front under collar to the previous seam. I also turned the edges of my front band facings before securing them down. looks a lot nicer then leaved them just serged there.
The stiffer fabric doesn't seam so different for the bodice in term of comfort. The only noticeable difference is in the sleeves. They are a bit tight on certain moves. I don't mind much but a larger one might have been better here.
    I looked so many times at those skinny girls that can wear their shirt tucked in a skirt or pants. I like the look but if I do that I look 2 sized up and I hate it. This is the closes I can get to that. The ties a bit above the waist and the lack of extra bulk from this being just 1 garment not 2 helps.
I haven't bought any new fabric yet and with the 2 Claire dress and 3 3/4 leggings for Eva my debt for this year is 141. Impossible of course but keeping score anyway.


  1. This is an amazing dress! Love the combo! :-)

    1. Thank you Ellen! I am just working up my courage to try some of the reconstruction techniques you used! Those black and white dresses you made are amazing!

  2. It's very fun and cute! I love your fabric combo. You did a great job:)

  3. The dress fits you very nicely and the layout of the stripes is so eye catching. Really nice job!