Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fun summer outfit with Vogue 9238

This is the 1st time both kids are away from home for more then just 1 night so it was time to stat some crazy sewing and exploring. I bought this patter earlier this year mostly because I think both cover photos are pretty amazing and I was sure it will stay in my stash for a very long time with the other dress patterns I thought have interesting unusual lines.

But then I've seen a few terrific versions for it and read in the reviews that is was really easy to make. I also realized that this is a knit pattern and not a woven. I was not aware of that when I bought it. So decided to make it.
    I thought That a top would get more wear then a dress so I decided to make it short. Picked some colorful fabric I was not very found of just in case it doesn't work and while unwrapping and cutting my pattern I realized how easy and nice the pants pattern is and how cool it would look if i can squeeze them in my 1 m of diagonal trench terry I was considering for contrast.
   I would not have been able to do that If I haven't shortened my pants pattern before cut but that was really good because if I would have let the shortening for when they were finished I would have lost a lot of flare so If you have to shorten the pants do it at the indicated line not at the hem.
   I've spent a lot of time trying to place each pattern piece on my fabric to get the best of prints and even like this I don't like how I cut some of them. Those flowers in the back not the most fortunate.
   When it was all finished I thought I look like a clown but it's growing on me. I got to wear it today and the sleeve flounce is not as uncomfortable as I thought it might be and all this color start feel less weird.
   Shortening the top for quite a few cm and hemming it improved the look a lot.
Pants are not as presentable with a short top but they are perfect with a tunic:


  1. Wow! That's a perfect outfit, Georgia! The style has a 70's vibe - love it. I have this pattern but haven't made yet. Thank you for your great review­čś║

    1. Thank you Eli! Looking forward to see your take on this!